MASH – Dj/Producer/Writer

Compact Discography

MASH Compact Discography

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Mash Singles

Mahs – Hawn – Under No Illusion * forthcoming in 2018
Mash – Had To Shut You Down – Shomi 
Mash, Whitehead – In Mind (Swayzak Remix) – Bulletdodge Records 
Mash and Idris Elba – Please Be True – Love and Other with remixes by Sinden and Greymatter
Mash – Shooting Brake – Toolroom Records
Mash – Echo Bass/Kedgeree- Poolside Recordings
Mash – Jeep House/Melted – Piston Recordings
Mash and Gareth Whitehead – In Mind (The Revenge mix) – Bulletdodge Records
Mash – You Know How I Feel – Peppermint Jam
Mash and Gareth Whitehead – In Mind – Bulletdodge Records
Mash – Cold September – Love and Other
Mash – I Believed In You – Toolroom Records
Mash – Use Me remixes by Nathan Coles and David Corker, and Rose Tinted- Bulletdodge Records
Mash – Goose Dubbs – Bulletdodge Records
Mash and Mia Dora – Feathers – Optimo Trax (Available on vinyl and D/L)
Mash – Dexter Ep – (Dexter, Use Me, Sausalito and Rapport) – Bulletdodge Records
Mash – Takeshi’s House (with mixes by Justin Harris, Illyus, Rob Etherson and Niedermeier and Whitehead.) – Bulletdodge Records
Mash – Style Is The Answer (with Mia Dora, Dominic Martin, A Deeper Groove mixes) – Glasgow Underground (Available on vinyl and D/L)
The 2 Bears – Work (Mash mix) – Southern Fried
Mash – Horn Of Africa – Southern Fried
Tim and Jean – I Can Show You (Mash and Rob Etherson mix) – Publica
Mash – Somebody’s Property (Sei A, Kevin McKay, Rob Etherson, Ooft!, Mash Compact Disco mixes) – Glasgow Undergound
Mash – Welcome To The After Party – Big Mama Records
Mash – Krak/Radio Selecta/Ghetto Blaster (with Domsko) – Toto Recordings
Mash – Kedgeree/Melted/Kedgeree Rob Etherson mix) – Refo Recordings
Blacktzar – Fade Into Life (Mash Compact Disco mix) – Scooter
A Band Called Quinn – DIY (Mash Compact Disco mix) – Neon Tetra
The Choice Four – Down to Earth (Mash Compact Disco edit) – L.E.S.S.
Milow – You Don’t know (Mash mix) (unreleased)
My Robot Friend – Isolation (Mash mix) – Def Drive (Available on vinyl and D/L)
Mash – Dreech/Electrique – Players Paradise/ Dirt Crew (Available on vinyl and D/L)
Salon Boris – Everybody (Mash mix) – U Discs
Quinn – Astronauts (Mash mix) – Tromolo Records
Mash – Somebody’s Property (with Zones mix) – Glasgow Underground (Available on vinyl and D/L)
Mash – Chambers – Refo Recordings
Sound Development Agency – Everyone (Mash mix) – Refo Recordings
David Duriez – Brain Puzzle (Mash mix) – Tronic Sole/Tracktion (Vinyl only)
Obelix (Milton Jackson) and Mash– The Darkness – Blue Black (Vinyl only)
Palm Beat – I Wanna Be A Pair (Mash mix) – Distracktion (Vinyl only)
Mash – Shelter/Danceterium/Roaches – Tracktion (Vinyl only)
Mash tracks appear on the following Compilations –
Serious Beats 87  – News (Mash – Had To Shut You Down)
Studio Ibiza – Studio Brussels – (Mash – Had To Shut You Down)
Glasgow Underground 1997 – 2017 (Mash – Style Is The Answer) (Beatport Edition)
Glasgow Underground 1997 – 2017 (Mash – Somebody’s Property)
Hed Kandi Beach House – Ministry of Sound  (Mash and Idris Elba – Please Be True)
Gareth Whitehead – The Brood Remixed (Mash/Whitehead – In Mind (Swayzak Remix) – Bulletdodge Records 
Toolroom Miami 2017 – Toolroom – (Mash and Idris Elba – Please Be True)
Poolside Miami 2017 – Toolroom (Mash and Idris Elba – Please Be True)
Best of Toolroom 2016 – Toolroom (Mash- Shooting Brake)
Luxury No.3 The House Series – Cherry Pickers – Mash – Style Is The Answer
Deeper Vibes Volume 2 – Floating Music – (Mash – Kedgeree)
Deep At Night Volume 3 – Floating Music – Mash – Echo Bass
Deep Club Sounds Edition 01 – Revision Music – Mash – Echo Bass
Deep House Sensations Volume 2 – Music Is The Answer (Mash – Kedgeree)
Formentera Beach House 2016 PT8 – White Isle Recordings (Mash – Kedgeree)
Ibiza Poolside Anthems – Poolside Recordings (Mash – Kedgeree)
Poolside Ibiza 2016 – Toolroom Records – (Mash – Shooting Brake)
Vamos A La Playa – Cherry Lounge Recordings (Mash – Kedgeree)
Toolroom Ibiza 2016 – Toolroom Records (Mash – Shooting Brake)
Deep Club Sounds Edition 1 – Revision Music (Mash – Echo Bass)
The Very Best Of Deep House Volume 3 – Drizzly Music (Mash – Melted)
Tiramisu Volume 2 – Gr8 Al Music (Mash – Melted)
Elfenstaub Volume 18 – A Deep Electronic Journey Through Time and Space – City Life (Mash – Melted)
Never Alone With Music Volume 1. – High Pro File Recordings (Mash – Jeep House)
Extract Deep House Edition Volume 8 – Doppelgaenger (Mash – Melted)
 Tech House Drives (Mash – Jeep House)
Best Of Piston Recordings 2015 (Mash – Melted)
Poolside Recordings Yearmix 2015 (Mash Kedgeree)
The Very Best Of Deep House Volume 3 (Mash – Jeep House)
Hed Kandi – Apres House – Hed Kandi (Mash – Cold September)
Never Alone With Music – High Pro File Recordings (Mash – Jeep House)
Extract Deep House Edition Volume 8 (Mash – Melted)
Tech House Drives – Le Bien Et Le Mal (Mash – Jeep House)
It’s Oh So Deep Volume 1 – Tenor Recordings (Mash Melted)
Best Of Piston Recordings 2015 (Mash (Mash Melted)
The Jam Files Vol 2 Mixed and compiled by Mousse T (Mash – You Know How I Feel) – Peppermint Jam Records (Out July 31st 2015)
Gareth Whitehead – The Brood – Bulletdodge Records (Mash and Gareth Whitehead – In Mind)
Toolroom Selector Series 31 – Mike Mago (Mash – I Believed In You)
Glasgow Underground 97.07 (Mash – Somebody’s Property)
Toolroom Miami 2015 (Mash – I Believed In You)
Bulletdodge Records Compilation Volume 11 (Mash – Goose Dubbs)
Burnt Deep- A Deep House Mix Series volume 3. (Mash – Style Is The Answer)
Mash – Samplification Volume 3 – Compact Disco
Glasgow Underground 2014 (Mash – Somebody’s Property Sei A mix/Mash – Style is The Answer)
Tronic Sole 100 – Mash Selection
Colette Kids (Mash – Somebody’s Property Kevin’s Colette Version)
Optimo – The Underground Sound of Glasgow (Mash – Style Is The Answer)
Compact Disco mixed by Mash and Jon Pleased Wimmin- Compact Disco
Various – Big Mama meets Toto – Toto Recordings (Mash Welcome To The After Party)
Nassau Beach Club Ibiza 2015 (Mash – Style Is The Answer)
L.E.S.S Productions 5 – The Revenge 5 The Choice Four – Down To Earth (Mash mix)
Mash – Samplification Volume 1 – Compact Disco
La Suite 4 (Mash – Somebody’s Property)
Collection – Dirt Crew (Mash – Dreech)
Bad Boys Collection Volume 1 (Mash – Somebody’s Property)
Ministry of Sound 100% Electro (Mash – Somebody’s Property)
Demo Mix Cd10 – International Deejay Gigolo Records (Mash – Somebody’s Property)
Mixmania 2006 (Mash – Somebody’s Property)
Serious Beats 53 (Mash – Somebody’s Property)
Top Selection – Top Radio (Mash – Somebody’s Property)
Switch 9 – News (Mash – Somebody’s Property)
Spaces and Faces – Refo Recordings (Mash – Chambers)
Electronic Basics vol 4 (Mhelt Project – The Chicago Bearsden)

Mash also recorded as half of Jengaheads and Mhelt Project 

George T – Skunkotheque (Mhelt Project mix) – Tronic Sole/ Tracktion (Available on vinyl)
Milton Jackson – Special Powers (Mhelt Project mix)- Tracktion (Available on vinyl)
Mhelt Project feat Claude Young – The Chicago Bearsden (with Jengaheads/Claude Young mixes) – Under the Counter (Available on vinyl)
Paul Reset – Garbage Lifestyle (Jengaheads mix) – Nerve (Available on vinyl)
Jengaheads – Caborkebab – Savalas(Available on vinyl)
The High Fidelity – I Thank You (Jengaheads mix) – Plastique (Played twice by John Peel on Radio 1)(Available on vinyl)